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Name:Fandom Heights
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Community description:Multi-Fandom Voice Testing Roleplay Game
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We welcome you to Fandom Heights. The luxury apartments that you never knew you needed in your life!
Our apartments boast large living rooms and one to two bedrooms, state-of-the-art kitchens and fully furnished bathrooms. Each apartment is unique and can be tailored toward the needs of our honoured tenants.
Fandom Heights has on it's premises heated indoor and outdoor pools, a cinema, a restaurant and beautifully manicured lawns.
We aim to please and are pleased to suit your every need!
So welcome. And enjoy your stay!


Fandom Heights is a simple roleplay based on a simple idea. That idea being that we players wanted a place where we could play out our characters in peace. A luxury apartment complex was decided to be the best idea for all! Characters from all fandoms, all platforms and mediums can come here to live out the lives we choose for them in a setting we have decided for them. This is a vaguely AU rpg as the characters will not be played with the knowledge that they ARE characters, but they will be joined by characters that they would not normally interact with. Characters from sports anime alongside characters from mecha anime, magical girls next to characters from a fantasy anime. Magic is just as natural as breathing, but not for everyone.

There are rules to this game like any other, but the main idea is for a game where we can come and go as we please. There is no applications, no posting limits, no obligations. Nothing is mandatory. Post as much or as little as you want. Comment when you can. Log when is best for you. Life comes first. Pleasure can wait, it will always be around.

There are NO character limits. Pick and play as many characters as you want. Drop them if they aren't working for you and pick up more if you desire. There are NO applications.

Anime, manga, movie, comic, book and original characters are all welcome!

We have only one comm. All posts go there. This game is COMMUNITY BASED, however activity will be in the form of journal posts, logs and memes. Characters will be expected to write journals which people will be allowed to read, if a characters wishes it to be read. Logs, memes and Open Logs will be posted to the main comm. As well as mod notices. Introduction posts and OOC posts should also be posted here. IC notices, skype calls, phone conversations, texts and other such posts should all go in the main comm. Each of these posts should be tagged accordingly!

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